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The only motorcycle sidecar experience offered in Orange County CA

Adventure awaits! Dare to ride the chair




20 MIN

$20 per person

Want more freedom and time to explore on foot? Then this is your ticket to Downtown Anaheim. Experience a fun way to ride the chair and enjoy wonderful food, drinks, and local culture. Explore the Muzeo, Packing house, have a round at the Anaheim Brewery, a burger at Umami or just lounge around Farmer's Park while snacking on some macaroons, it's all here! You may schedule a ride back with us or make other arrangements. We'll be glad to help. We love this city and you will be in the heart of it.

1 HR

$60 per person

We love our Downtown, we love our history, if you want a taste of the real Anaheim let us show you around a bit in this quick ride through the historic colony district. There will be a few stops along the way for pictures but mainly this is a ride to sightsee. 

  • Founder's and Pearson Park

  •  Kraemer Building

  •  Muzeo

  • Center Street Promenade

  • Anaheim Packing District

The most fun and thrilling way to see Anaheim outside of disneyland



$100 (price is for up to 2 people)

Let's take a ride through some popular Anaheim landmarks of parks, a concert hall, train station, brewery, baseball stadium, and food spots. There will be plenty of sightseeing and time to get out and explore, just an all around good time soaking in the southern California sun. So get your camera ready!

  • Downtown Anaheim

  • Center Street Promenade

  • Anaheim City Hall

  • The Honda Center

  • The newly erected (ARTIC) Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center

  • Anaheim Stadium

  • The Grove of Anaheim



$120 (2nd person additional $30)

Want to get more of Orange County? We will run you through 3 historic neighboring downtown areas! Food, drinks, coffee, local fair, antique shopping. Take a fun ride on the sidecar to see

  •   Downtown Anaheim

  • Downtown Fullerton

  • Orange Circle



$120 (2nd person additional $40)

Our favorite ride with plenty of fresh air and a unique look at some master planned local communities. We will take you on a sightseeing extravaganza through the hills of Anaheim, Orange and Villa Park. Taking in beautiful sights as we ride through these local communities is going to be nothing short of memorable. This suburban cruise is just the ticket if your looking to escape the madness of Toontown.


2.5 HRS

$100 (2nd person additional $40)

Do you want a canyon experience, then this is it! A one of a kind destination if you want a beautiful scenic ride on the backroads of Orange County. We will travel through the rural Santiago Canyon Road up to the Historical Landmark 'Cooks Corner' biker bar and then further down to Holy Jim. The air and views are breathtaking and a tour you will never forget.



$160 (one person only) 

Explore the famous Ortega Canyon and Cleveland National Forrest at a 2100 foot elevation. You will experience magnificent views the whole way through the canyons, hillside, and hilltop at our ending point, the quaint 'Lookout Roadhouse' Restaurant, where you get a 180 degree view of Riverside County's mountains and gorgeous Lake Elsinore. This tour is for one person only. May book additional sidecar if two people due to safety reasons. We can offer a discount for the same person in your group taking the other sidecar.



2.5 HRS

$120 (2nd person additional $40)

Take in a part of California's natural beauty on the legendary Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH) in a Sidecar. We will travel part of the 659 mile coast starting at Huntington Beach and making our way to your choice of either Laguna Beach or Long Beach where you will get lost in the amazing views it has to offer from the beaches, to the cliffs, stretched out piers, and wonderful people. -We will meet at Mile Square Regional Park (At the parking lot near the corner of Euclid and Warner)


Maple Springs Trail

2.5 HRS

$100 (2nd person additional $40)

This backroad is very pleasant and peaceful. A two lane road to a residential town of beauty, surrounded by overhanging maple trees, a year round running spring and views that are just breathtaking. We'll make a stop at their local market and Silverado Cafe Restaurant for a refreshment then work our way to the entrance of the maple springs trail to unwind underneath the trees for some pictures, fresh air, and relaxation.



$80 (2nd person additional $40)

Experience the 2 Center City Breweries Anaheim has to offer first off at the Legends Craft Brewery, this hidden brewery is the perfect stop known for their lagers and if your done with the brews try a handcrafted soda instead. Then we'll head down to the Anaheim Brewery where you can grab a locally brewed beer and relax in their beer garden overlooking a beautiful landscape at Farmer's Park. You will have an hour at each location. Tour hours start at 12:00 pm Saturday and Sunday only




$80 (2nd person additional $40)

Experience the 2 Platinum Triangle Breweries within Anaheim's landmark areas. Directly across the street from the Angels stadium, the Karl Strauss Brewing Company is full of craft beers with their world award winning beer called 'Red Trolley Ale' then we head to Golden Road Brewing who partnered with Anheuser-Busch in 2015, take a seat outdoors in their beer garden and enjoy some of the 80 different recipes of craft beer they create yearly. You will have an hour at each location. Tour hours start at 11:00 am, all week long Sunday thru Saturday


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The Answers You Need

What is there to do in Anaheim?

We love Anaheim and there is so much to do, we'd love to give you suggestions. This is our home, we are the locals, and your best reference to what is going on.

What is a sidecar?

A sidecar is a one-wheeled device attached to the side of a motorcycle making the whole a three-wheeled vehicle. A motorcycle with a sidecar is sometimes called a combination, an outfit, a tub, a rig, or a hack.

Is this ride scary? Is it safe?

It is not scary, we will be traveling at cruising speeds with plenty of time to take pictures. The sidecar rigs are absolutely safe and have not been modified from the factory. These rigs are made to carry 3 people safely and securely. Rest assured the Sidecar Guy team has many years of experience riding motorcycles and 3 wheel outfits.

What if I never rode in a sidecar?

Then your in for an awesome time! For safety tips please watch this video:

How do I book a ride?

You can book direct through our online calendar or give us a call to book, we also accept payment through venmo or square. Full payment is due upfront, once booked please provide your hotel information unless we stated a pick up location. We will pick up at any hotel within a mile radius of Disneyland. We are open 7 days a week from 8:00 to sunset.

Do you book special events?

Yes (weddings, birthday's, anniversary, graduation, picnics, ride for the grandparents) 
Give us a call and we will go over your idea.

Any safety precautions?

Yes, you must keep your hands and arms inside the sidecar at all times. There is a grab rail in front of you or side rails to grab onto.

What is the age requirement?

No child under 6 will be allowed. If they are unable to reach the foot pegs they are only able to ride in the sidecar. There is a seatbelt provided in the sidecar and a safety helmet, a waiver for minor must be signed for anyone under the age of 18.

Is a helmet required?

Yes, it is the law. Our helmets are in excellent condition and can be provided upon request at no additional cost. DOT approved.

What kind of clothing?

No articles of clothing that are loose or obstructive to the driver. Eye protection and hand protection is advised. If you choose not to wear a jacket please wear sunblock as you will be under the California sun. Long hair must be braided or tucked into your shirt or jacket. Any large sized earrings may have to be removed upon your discretion due to the helmet fit.

Is anything provided?

Yes: Water or soda, helmets, and a phone charger.

Can I drive?


Are the driver's qualified?

Yes, we are all licensed and have clean excellent records. We are responsible riders and operators. Rest assure that you are sitting next to some of the best riders Orange County has to offer.

How many people can ride?

2 people, one in the sidecar and one in the pillion behind the driver. If you have a pup they are more than welcome to sit with you in the side car or alone. (They will need to be attached to our leash and be well behaved for our safety and the safety of others)

What if we break down?

In the event of a failure and we cannot remedy the rig in a safe environment and in a timely manner we will get you back to your accommodations safely in one of our backup vehicles with a full refund.

What if I want an additional hour on my ride?

If there are no other bookings behind you, additional time will be available at the rate of $65/hour, can be paid through venmo or cash.

Can I bring some stuff?

Yes, there is some extra space available in the trunk.

Do I need insurance?

We are a legally licensed and insured company operating in the city of Anaheim and fully covered by our Insurance. However we, The Sidecar Guys cannot guarantee, insure, or take responsibility for your safety regarding personal injuries, or the risks of damage, loss, or stolen personal items that may occur during our ride. Therefore it would be advisable and be your sole responsibility to seek out travel insurance.

Is a waiver required?

Yes everyone will have to sign a waiver prior to the ride. If the rider is a minor (17 years old or younger) a parent or guardian must also sign a minor waiver.

What if I am intoxicated?

You will not be allowed on the sidecar through any time remaining of the tour. This is for all of our safety. We will however help you book an Uber, Lyft, or Taxi at your expense.

Cancellation policy?

We understand things happen, please let us know within 48 hours and a full refund will be honored. If cancellation is under 48 hours it may be credited towards a future ride however no refunds will be granted.


Get to Know Us

The Team




Air cooled twins are his thing. New dad and track junkie. He's ridden everything on two and three wheels. Learned how to ride at the age of 7 on a tricycle in the Philippines. He has come a long way and is bringing his passion to the streets of Orange County for others to have an experience of a lifetime. He has made Anaheim his home for the past 3 decades and has ridden all over So Cal. His daughter was his inspiration for the business!




Canyon carver, track day junkie, Triumph lover, moto mama. Lived in Orange County all her life and had a passion for bikes at a young age. She is a second generation German American and a Certified Tourism Ambassador for the city of Anaheim. Has been riding for 20 years and loves that she can share this exciting experience and amazing feeling with others. Anaheim, her hometown is a great place to explore. 

"Life is a Beautiful ride!"

Our promise to you: If for any reason you are not satisfied we will be happy to refund your money. We are a small family company and your pleasure is our business. We will always try to over deliver on our tours for a happy, memorable, and fun experience. With love, The Sidecar Guy Family